Werner Herzog's My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done Movie Trailer

Oh, I've been waiting for this one. Werner Herzog has recently completed not one film (Bad Lieutenant) but two, the second being the David Lynch-produced My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done. Both are going to show up at the Toronto International Film Festival next month. And now My Son has a trailer that is...well, just watch this sucker, after the break.

The film is based on a real crime that took place in San Diego. A man, Mark Yavorsky, killed his mother in the living room of their neighbors' home, using a saber. Making the story more strange, Yavorsky had been cast in Orestes, a Greek tragedy in which a son kills his mother to revenge the death of his father. Michael Shannon plays a version of Yavorsky named Brad McCallum and David Lynch regular Grace Zabriske plays his mother. Early reports about the film said it would flip between an extended account of the murder and the police response and Brad's overall story. Willem Dafoe obviously plays one of the primary cops; Chloe Sevigny plays one of the friends Brad had summoned to the scene.

Though Herzog was re-deified a few years ago thanks to Grizzly Man and Rescue Dawn (for some of us he never lost the 'master' status, but those films helped re-ignite interest in his work) his methods remain the same as ever: shoot fast and dirty. Both this film and Bad Lieutenant show evidence of that approach. And while the cheapo narration and titles on this trailer aren't doing the project any favors, I suspect the actual film is a lot more interesting than this trailer would imply. If all this wasn't enough, there's still The Piano Tuner, a Victorian-era story "based on a 2002 novel by Daniel Mason about a British man who is sent to a remote village in war-torn Burma to tune the piano of a daffy soldier," as Time Out London describes.

Also, look for the little San Diego Convention Center shout-out in the trailer. I've gone up and down that escalator more times than I'd like to count...