The Three Stooges: Paul Giamatti Joins, Jim Carrey Leaves?

In June, a gossip columnist suggested to the Farrelly Brothers that Paul Giamatti play Larry in The Three Stooges after Sean Penn backed out of the role due to family issues. Bobby Farrelly admitted to the paper that Giamatti would not only be "a sensational Larry," but they'd "love to have Paul." Unfortunately "an offer" has already been sent out "to someone else." Giamatti who was also in town at the Nantucket Film Festival with his comedy Cold Souls, didn't seem too responsive to the idea.

"They were always so dark and grim. And Moe was this ancient man with a little boy's haircut. But Larry? I don't get Larry. He's strange. He's sort of the blank guy in the middle."

The whole thing seemed rather speculative at the time, but it appears the tides have apparently changed. The Boston Globe now reports that the Farrelly Brothers has not only signed Giamatti to take over the role of Larry, but Jim Carrey is no longer attached to play Curly, even though he was reportly gaining a bunch of weight for the part. No word on a replacement for Carrey just yet. Benicio Del Toro is still attached to play Moe. I'm starting to think that this film may never happen, which might be for the better.