Jon Favreau Talks 3D, IMAX For Iron Man 3

As someone who has yet to be brought into the 3D fold, I've felt lucky that Marvel has so far held off on making any of their hero movies in the format. But it has to happen sometime, and during Comic Con Jon Favreau told MTV that he wanted to use 3D for Iron Man 2, but that it didn't work out, and that he'd like to do it for the next film. He also said that IMAX was a great option and seemed to imply that an IMAX blowup could be a solution for Iron Man 2. See the interview clip after the break.

The problem with going 3D at this point, Favreau says, is technology. His cinematographer (the awesome Matthew Libatique, whose big early work was with Darren Aronofsky) likes to shoot film, and likes the look that film gave Iron Man. (So do I!) 3D would require him to shoot digital, and between that constraint and the additional expense, it wasn't an option for Iron Man 2. Nor was shooting in IMAX, but Favreau mentions an IMAX blowup, and you could read that as a thumbs up for releasing a blown-up Iron Man 2 to IMAX. MTV certainly takes it that way. And by the time we get to Iron Man 3, or perhaps The Avengers, I'd be surprised if 3D and IMAX weren't used.

Speaking of The Avengers, one last note: MTV ran a piece on this called Jon Favreau Wants To Go 3-D For 'Iron Man 3' Or 'The Avengers', but nowhere in the source interview does he say the word 'avengers'. So don't get fooled into thinking there's some underhanded revelation that Favreau is in fact directing the team movie. He's said elsewhere he'd like to be involved, but that's all we know for sure right now.