Comic-Con: A Massive Round-Up Of All Our Comic-Con Coverage

For the past week, /Film was at at the San Diego Comic-Con 2009. We definitely had a lot of expectations going in, but regardless of whether or not they were met, the experience of seeing the excellent footage/panels, meeting other cool journalists, and partaking in the overwhelming geek atmosphere combined to make an unforgettable experience.

With all the non-stop coverage going on at our site, you might have missed some of our best posts. That's why we've created this handy guide for you of everything we've done over the course of the past week, to help you catch up and to experience the Con with us again. You can also hear our thoughts about San Diego Comic-Con in a podcast wrap-up we recorded on the last night.


Director Robert Zemeckis showed off some footage from A Christmas Carol, which was somewhat impressive, but also extremely dark.

At the Disney panel, we learned that Tron 2 has been retitled Tron Legacy and we also got a nice glimpse at a lot of concept art for the new film. You can also watch the teaser trailer for Tron Legacy.

Tim Burton unveiled a 3-D teaser trailer for Alice in Wonderland that was short but sweet.

James Cameron surprised the audience by showing 24 minutes of his upcoming science fiction film, Avatar. We shared our thoughts about it in a video blog afterwards.

Everyone was completely blown away by the footage from Kick-Ass that Matthew Vaughn showed. We talked about what we learned at the panel, but also made a video blog with our reactions.

Peter and Alex Billington from Firstshowing saw Neill Blomkamp's District 9 and thoroughly, so much so that they recorded a video review of it.

Russ saw 15 minutes of footage from Jennifer's Body and described some of its similarities to Drag Me To Hell.

Dave saw some footage from the new Nightmare on Elm Street film and compared it with the Friday the 13th remake. We also gave our thoughts to this footage and to Jonah Hex in a video blog.

Screen Gems premiered footage for their new film, Legion, which Russ says looks like a real B-picture with a mostly A-list cast.

Dave saw the trailer for Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day and thought the Boondocks panel was completely out of control.

Footage from Iron Man 2 was unveiled, showing glimpses of characters such as War Machine.

Russ saw the red band trailer for Zombieland and found it sufficiently gory for his tastes.

We saw footage from Where The Wild Things Are and agreed in a video blog that it was the most beautiful thing we saw at Comic-Con.


Adam and Devindra saw the pilot episodes for V and Human Target and discussed some of their thoughts.

Russ attended a panel on Dexter and caught a glimpse of the upcoming animated webisodes, and learned some other interesting tidbits about the series.

Adam saw some footage from AMC's new series, The Prisoner, and found it extremely promising.

Devindra learned a few more things about the upcoming series Caprica, as well as the Battlestar GalacticaThe Plan. film,

Dave saw parts of a fairly thrilling pilot to David Goyer's new series, Flashforward. He also learned that Dominic Monaghan would join the cast of the show.

At a panel for 24: Season 8, Devindra found out more about how the producers of the show are going to destroy Jack Bauer's life all over again.

At a Dollhouse panel, Adam learned that Summer Glau and Alexis Denisof might appear in the upcoming season of Dollhouse. He also watched an unaired episode of the show that completely transformed the way he looked at the series.

The Simpsons received yet another accolade when it was awarded the Guinness World Record for longest-running sitcom.

Adam tried to make sense of what he learned at Saturday morning's highly entertaining Lost panel.

Devindra learned a few spoilers about the second season of Fringe.

Devindra saw a teaser trailer for the second season of True Blood and wrote up some of his reactions to the panel's Q&A.


Dave spoke with director Michel Gondry, writer Evan Goldberg, and star Seth Rogen about The Green Hornet.

Twilight fans waiting in line for Summit Entertainment's New Moon panel are hardcore to an extent you cannot possibly imagine.

Dave spoke with director Neill Blomkamp about his inspirations for District 9 and about how the film got made.

Dave and Peter spoke with John Lasseter about some of the work he's doing at Walt Disney Imagineering, as well as his inspiration for Toy Story 3.

Dave interviewed Lee Unkrich, Pixar veteran and director of Toy Story 3 to try to find out more about the new Toy Story sequel.

Dave interviewed 2012 Director Roland Emmerich about the characters in his films (past and present), his use of miniatures vs. CGI, and how he came up with the staging for some of his disasters.

Breaking News

Jason Bateman insisted that the Arrested Development movie isn't dead.

Gary Oldman stunned the audience in Hall H when he announced that the sequel to The Dark Knight might begin shooting next year.

Director Robert Zemeckis strongly hinted at the possibility of a sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit and provided a few details about it too.

James Cameron announced that August 21st, 2009, would be International Avatar Day.

Neill Blomkamp confirmed with us that he would probably not do a Halo film, even if he was offered one. We did, however, find out some details about his next project.

Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko) revealed a few reasons why his next script might be monstrously expensive.

Ubisoft is making a game based on Scott Pilgrim to coincide with the movie's release.

Russ spoke with the director and producer of Tron Legacy and learned that the sequel will have an 80s flashback sequence.

Paul Giamatti and Clancy Brown will voice characters in the Fincher-produced film adaptation of The Goon.Roland Emmerich hired Saving Private Ryan writer Bob Rodat to help pen an adaptation of one of Asimov's Foundation books.

Kevin Smith may be forced to re-title his next film, A Couple of Dicks.

Adam learned that Lost viral campaigns will continue with the creation of Lost University.

The team behind the indie hybrid documentary Paper heart are making a Whimsical "Kiddie Show".

Other Cool Stuff

On the first night, a massive scavenger hunt took place through the streets of San Francisco, culminating in the reveal of Flynn's Arcade, an elaborate viral set piece for Tron Legacy

The Comic-Con show floor is home to a ton of interesting, creative geek paraphernalia. Russ took us on a photographic tour of the show floor.

District 9 and 2012 both had some interesting viral marketing going on.

Disney launched a viral campaign for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, which involved an elaborate art installation which recreated Wonderland in San Diego, complete with props, costumes and concept art.