Tron 2 Viral: Flynn Lives! Countdown Ends At 9:30pm On Thursday

This morning I received a package which included two arcade coinds that read "FLYNN's ARCADE." For those who don't remember, the character Kevin Flynn in the 1982 sci-fi film Tron, had been working in a arcade with the games he had created. Also included in the package was a memory stick containing an animated gif with a code. Other websites were also sent the same thing, but with different codes. /Film reader Benjamin O was able to decipher the code and unlock the next stage of the viral, which leads us to a couple new websites with a countdown to 9:30pm Thursday night at Comic-Con. Check out all the information after the jump.

The following comes from /Film reader Benjamin O:


I just spent a while compiling the 4 animated gifs into code, and found out that they use a simple substitution cipher for the symbols, the symbols that are available translate to:

œ = h

æ = t

© = m

å = l

Ø = e

¶ = a

§ = d

Ω = s

÷ = y

Δ = p

Σ = c

x = x

¢ = b

≥ = o

≈ = n

√ = r

Π = i

≤ = v

and there's one other that I can't read. When you translate all the symbols, the html code that results shows a table and a list of coordinates. I attached the html file I made. Unfortunately, there must be one more gif floating around somewhere because it's incomplete. You can still figure out most of it, though. I attached the html file I made.

Following the coordinates going first down, then right gives: "Flynn Lives."

y e a i h o C s F t i n v o l l a r d m b s h n b

2,4 3,5 1,1 5,4 3,2 4,1 1,4 3,3 1,2 5,2

Update from editor Peter Sciretta:

The website explains that genius visionary programer Kevin Flynn is not dead like everyone thinks.

Genius, Visionary, Modern Hero. That is Kevin Flynn. He came into our lives and showed us the limitless possibilities of the future. And then, all of a sudden, he "disappeared." Some people believed he died. We don't. We know that Kevin Flynn Lives. We're not crazy, we're not obssessed, we're not lunatics. We simply have followed the facts wherever they lead. And the facts tell us that Kevin Flynn Lives. We are here for Kevin. Nobody can make us stop believing that he is out there, that he's waiting for us, and that he will return when the time is right.

The website gives a timeline:

1989 — Kevin Flynn alleged to "disappear." Initial facts raise many questions. Many of us were suspicious.1990 — Sightings of Kevin Flynn by ordinary citizens, including high-credibility "Level 3" sightings of Flynn in NYC's Central Park during a Shakespeare Festival, on the fringes of a San Francisco street fair, and the notorious "Elvira" sighting of Kevin Flynn at Halloween celebrations in West Hollywood, California. Unfortunately, these initial sightings display certain characteristics true to this day — nothing has been confirmed and photographic evidence has been lacking.1992 — Sightings continue. Several of us make contact thru Usenet and begin correspondence.1994 — First Flynn Lives! meet-up in Dayton, Ohio. We resolve to continue our efforts to find out the facts behind the mysterious disappearance.1998 — Letter from Kevin Flynn to a founding member of the group gains media attention, then debunked. Founding member (now ex-member) checks into a mental hospital for observations.2001 — A $5,000 award is offered to anybody who can prove Kevin Flynn is alive. By December 31st, alas, nobody had satisfied our jury and the money was spent on a great party for all of the "Troniacs" we know and love!2002 – 2005 An era of low visibility for our group. Sightings drop off, and interest seems to slacken. Thank heavens that is over!2007 – Interest picks up as the "Albino Cow" Flynn sighting in southern New Jersey energizes a new generation of activists.Update #2: The website also features a countdown clock, which /Film commenters (Matt Bacon, I'm looking at you) have figured out, ends at 9:30pm on Thursday night. Palruben found an address listed on the site's privacy policy:

c/o Flynn Lives Organization

PO Box # 236

611 K Street #B

San Diego, CA 92101

Which is the same address on the post mark on the FedEx package I received this morning. As I noted in my previous post, the address is right near the San Diego Convention Center.

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Its possible that the Flynn Lives Organization wants us to meet up at that address at 9:30pm on Thursday night for the next step of the viral. Is it possible that Flynn's arcade has reopened in San Diego?

Flynn's arcade tokensUpdate #3: /Film reader Seth K and FirstShowing both noticed that a website exists at, which was a slogan on the back side of the Flynn's arcade token I received in the mail.Home of Tron

Home of Tron is website dedicated Flynn”s Arcade, which was opened on June 3rd 1981, and closed a decade later on January 15th 1990. Apparently the arcade ended with a bang: "Hundreds of Tron-heads lined up around the block for a chance to participate in the biggest tournament ever... playing on the original machine that started a nationwide craze!"