Will Uncle Ben's Original Killer Return For Spider-Man 4?

It's a slow news day so I thought I'd write about one of the rumors that hit over the weekend that we didn't write about. A scooper wrote in to ComingSoon claiming that actor Michael Papajohn revealed during a Wizard World Philadelphia Q&A that he would be reprising his role as the original carjacker who killed Uncle Ben in Spider-Man 4.

If true, this leaves a few possibilities: He could return to film a flashback sequence that would reveal more about Uncle Ben's death, or somehow reveal that Flint Marko wasn't actually the killer. Anyone who has seen the first Spider-Man film knows that Peter Parker chases him into a warehouse, where the killer trips and falls from a window to his death. Could he still somehow be alive? Last we heard, Sam Raimi was still waiting for David Lindsay-Abaire to finish the script, and usually supporting roles aren't cast until a more definite storyline is in hand. Maybe he could return to become a full fledged super-powered villain? What do you guys think?