Cool Stuff: Lou Romano's Color Script For Pixar's Up In High Resolution

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Earlier this month we featured some of Pixar artist Lou Romano's amazing color script for Pete Docter's Up. But at the time it was very low res, a broad overview of the color board. Romano has now posted high resolution scans of all of the panels of the Up color script on his official blog. I've included some of my favorite panels after the jump. As a color script is an overview of the entire movie, be warned that it not only contains spoilers, but is a giant spoiler.


Here is an excerpt from our previous analysis:

You will notice that the beginning of the film is heavily saturated. When Ellie enters Carl's life, she brings much needed color. When Ellie dies, Carl's life again becomes more mundane and colorless. But the color returns, as with the memory of Ellie and her sense of Adventure, when Carl begins his journey with Russell.  Each new character brings a new level of color and brightness. Also, notice how the scenes of adventure are bright, and the scenes of danger get dark.

Head on over to Romano's website to see all of the images, all of which are also included in the highly recommended The Art of Up book (available for around $26 on Amazon).

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