LOL: Marketing For New Joshua Jackson Movie Uses Quotes From YouTube

When movie studios have a bad movie on their hands, you see advertisements featuring quotes from critics that work for outlets you've never heard of (and sometimes don't even sound credible). You get some guy, from some regional blog, somewhere, claiming that The Spirit was the best comic book movie ever created. But how bad does a movie really have to be that Hollywood must resort to using quotes from YouTube in the film's marketing materials?

The new Joshua Jackson cross-Canada motorcycle movie One Week is doing just that. And worse yet, the "critics" quoted haven't even seen the movie itself. The quotes were lifted from the comments on the YouTube page of the film's trailer. And only in the fine print, at the very bottom of the advertisement, does it reveal the source of the quotes. Of course, no one is going to mistake the quote "Damn This Looks Good!!!" as something that Roger Ebert, or any credible critic, would write. And the YouTube user names are an easy sign.

I'm not saying they are trying to deceive the readers of the newspaper. Although, the YouTube fine print could be larger and the claim "all of Canada is talking about One Week" is based off less than 90 comments on a YouTube trailer posting. I just think it's a sad day when Hollywood has to resort to using quotes from YouTube users (even as part of a marketing angle) to try to sell a movie.

(thanks to /Film reader Mattias A for the tip)

source: torontoist (via: digg)