/Film Gets A New Blogger - Director Alex Proyas

Editor's Note: You probably know Alex Proyas as the director of films like The Crow, Dark City, Garage Days, I Robot and Knowing, but for the next few weeks the filmmaker has agreed to become a guest blogger on /Film. Proyas will be blogging a couple times a week, talking about his inspirations, the state of sci-fi cinema, Dark City, and his upcoming film Knowing. Below you can find a quick introduction post from Alex. Enjoy.alex proyas

I hope you might find what I have to say about my new movie interesting, and if you don't – well, feel free to press the page-back tab and read something more to your liking on /Film. Otherwise, check-in once in a while 'cause I'll be doing 5 entries all up – the last one will be a Q&A with /Film readers based on any questions you leave in the comments section.

For those of you who don't know, I have a new film coming out on 20 March called KNOWING. It stars Nic Cage in a role I guarantee you haven't seen him in before. I think he does a great job and I'm sure when you see the film, you'll agree.

So what is KNOWING about? The plot centers around a man who happens upon a curious list of numbers, which, when decoded, have correctly predicted every single world tragedy in the last 50 years. And with more numbers to come, there are more predictions of mass destruction and inevitable human loss until the numbers suddenly... run out.

KNOWING is an original and thought-provoking story, and I believe it has a unique & compelling idea at its heart. It's about a man looking for meaning in his life, in a universe he believes to be meaningless, as he comes to understand the part he has to play in his own destiny. In many ways the story is about confronting fate and the inevitable, but it offers great hope and maps a path to the hero's (Nic's) own spiritual transcendence.

This story offers some challenging philosophical ideas but it's a journey with deep emotional resonance. It's about the cycle of life & death, and the hope we hand down to our children. As well as all that, I think the movie is a great thriller; but it's the best kind of genre movie because it is about something meaningful.