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I had the opportunity to speak with Watchmen's Still Photographer Clay Enos at the New York Comic Con this weekend and it was an absolute thrill. Enos was not only extremely humble and generous with his time, but his new book Watchmen Portraits, which will be in bookstores tomorrow (Buy it from Amazon!), displays a man with a unique eye and a boatload of talent.

Typically, photographers on set are responsible for taking photos for a film's marketing and advertising, but due to Enos's relationship with Snyder, he ended up taking virtually all of the still photos that are featured in the movie (including the famous "Minutemen" photo). The book serves as a compendium of some of his work on the set, but is also a stunning collection of original portraits of many of the film's "characters."

Here's part 1 of my interview with Enos. In this interview, Enos discusses his role in the film and what it was like to work with Zack Snyder. In part 2, more significantly, Enos literally opens up his own book and talks about the inspiration and stories behind some of the photos [Be aware that the following contains extremely minor spoilers for Watchmen]:

[flv: 470 264]

Below are a few photos from the book (click through for the high-res versions). Again, you can buy the book from Amazon (and you should, as it will be the most geeky/awesome coffee-table book ever). And be sure to check out more of Enos' work at his website, A big thanks to Clay for making this post possible!

More photos after the jump, plus the second part of my video interview and a photo of Zack Snyder's cameo appearance.

[flv: 470 264]

More Photos:

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