Producer Brad Fuller Says Ouija Board Movie Will Be A Big, Pirates-Of-The-Caribbean-Like Adventure

For everyone out there who has ever participated in a late-night slumber party, examined the Ouija board game during an intense sharing session, and thought to themselves "This board game could be the basis for a kickass movie," I have two things to say: 1) What on earth is wrong with you? and 2) Good news! Although we first reported on a Ouija-based film way back in May 2008, Producer Brad Fuller recently informed Sci Fi Wire that he's very close to hiring a "very high-level" writer to draft a script for Platinum Dunes' Ouija-themed film. While promoting Friday the 13th, Fuller explained, "I don't think we've closed the deal, so I can't say, but we've got a very high-level writer to write that, and we start writing it, I think, within the month."

Brad Fuller has made a very lucrative career out of re-making classic horror films: From The Amityville Horror all the way through to next week's Friday the 13th (not to mention the upcoming Nightmare on Elm Street), Fuller has proven that he knows how to re-package old school horror for modern day audiences. But as he's now about to tackle a Ouija-based film, it seems to me that his success has gone to his head.

Fuller also revealed that the Ouija film will be "a huge movie. That's a big, big, big thing. ... It's more of a, like, Pirates of the Caribbean adventure story, with a Ouija board at the center of it." Well, I guess that sounds like it could be good. I mean, if they could make a stirring adventure at the high seas based off a Disney theme park ride, then maybe a movie based on a board game with no characters, no story, and no gameplay to speak of could also be good, right? Wrong. (Although to be fair, this movie will probably be as good as all previous Ouija-related outings.)

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