Early Buzz: Drag Me To Hell - "Vintage Raimi At His Best"

It seems like a bunch of Los Angeles-based film fans snuck into a super secret advanced screening of Drag Me to Hell. So is Sam Raimi's return to horror the real deal? It appears so. Here is a round up of quotes from around the web. We'll add more when they become available, so check back.

Collider: "If you've seen the Evil Dead movies and love them, then you'll loooooove this movie. It's the best movie I've seen in theaters in such a long time." ... "There are some moments where I just jumped out of my chair. It's really great." ... "I wish Raimi wasn't doing Spider-Man 4 and he just did a ton of movies like this. It's so great to see he still has it."elguapo1 on Twitter: "Awesome. Old school Raimi horror at its best."AICN (scooper named MiscalledHobos): "This movie...oh man. I didn't realize how much I missed having this living piss scared out of me." ... "his movie was sincerely fantastic. I love Sam Raimi and, after being turned off by Spiderman 3, I was immensely stoked to see a horror film from him. I can't recommend it enough."FirstShowing: "Raimi has returned to true form — resurrected like an Army of Darkness, you could say." ... "Drag Me to Hell played like a vintage classic in the vein of Raimi's own Evil Dead series and the inimitable Bruce Campbell vs Army of Darkness. Bucket loads of blood and gore, edge-of-your-seat, clenched-cheek suspense, and laughs, laughs, laughs. Sure, Raimi recycles gags from his previous camp classics and doesn't stray from the tone of those films either, but that's why it succeeds! It's uproarious and over-the-top. And it's absolutely terrifying and really funny — all within the same second."AndrewDignan on Twitter: "Sam recycles every great gag from the Evil Dead films in service of a throwaway story. So, kind of awesome."Brandon Lee Tenney on Twitter: "It was A LOT of fun and most definitely vintage Raimi at his best."Quint on AICN: "it was 70% Army of Darkness and 30% EVIL DEAD." ... "the movie isn't flawless... the story's been told before, etc... but goddamn it's done in a really fun way by one of the genre's best filmmakers. The seance scene, without a doubt, will be held up with some of the best scenes of Raimi's previous movies."GeekTyrant: "It has been a long time since we have seen a horror movie directed by Sam Raimi, and I gotta tell you I loved it! He brought it and he brought it hard! Raimi has still got the skills and he made one of the best freakin horror films I have seen in years! It was everything I hoped it would be and more." ... "For a PG-13 movie it was pretty hardcore and in your face disgusting. There are images in this film that made me gag, and groan out load, at the same time it had me gleefully laughing with Raimi's classic sense of humor."FirstShowing on Twitter: "It was great – now I just want to watch Army of Darkness! "ShockTillYouDrop: "When it comes to horror, this film proves Raimi has not lost his touch. Not by a fraction. Drag Me to Hell is an achievement in the fact that it's PG-13 and scary (the film made me jump several times) and, better still, an original story."The Daring Adventures of Bingo TC: "A good suspenseful movie, Sam Raimi still knows how to get get you to be shocked, scared and laugh at the same time." ... "the setup for the twist ending (of course there had to be one) was a little obvious."