Seth Rogen's Green Hornet May Not Happen After All

Things aren't looking up for Seth Rogen's Green Hornet project. According to Drew McWeeny over at Hitfix, the buzz at Sundance is that the movie is basically on life support over at Sony, and that there's "a good chance the studio's going to kick the plug out any moment now." McWeeny reports:

[A]t Sundance, I heard several people say that the film was off completely. I spoke this afternoon with a source close to the film, and while they didn't call it completely dead, they did say it is "highly unlikely" that the film will shoot in 2009 at all.

For me, following the development of this movie has been an emotional roller coaster. If you'll recall, first there was raw excitement when we found out that action legend Stephen Chow would not only star as Kato in the film, he would be directing it too. Then a month ago, those hopes came crashing down when Chow was removed from the production due to creative differences. Despite these troubles, I think many of us were still assuming that the film would still actually happen. Now it's looking less and less like a possibility, which is a shame. I'm not the biggest Seth Rogen fan, but his take on Hornet promised to at least be conceptually interesting.

Discuss: Assuming Drew's sources are accurate, would you be sad to see this project die?