The /Filmcast Audio Commentary - Step Up 2: The Streets

The other day Jon Chu's Step Up 2: The Streets was added to Netflix's Watch Instantly program, making it available to millions of viewers for free. The question for us then became: Why not celebrate by doing an audio commentary on it?

In their very first attempt at a movie commentary, Dave, Devindra, and Adam, discuss the hidden layers of meaning behind Step Up 2: The Streets. Special guest Jen Yamato joins us from Rottentomatoes to add her unique perspective and love for the film. If you have the DVD of Step Up 2, or if you have access to Netflix Watch Instantly, just listen to the audio file for instructions on how to sync it with your copy of the film [This was primarily a tech test to see if it'd actually be possible for us to even do a commentary over Skype. Please do not expect anything informative, entertaining, or interesting to come from this commentary, but if you enjoyed it, feel free to let us know by e-mailing us. We're also taking suggestions for other movies we should do a comemntary on.]

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[Update: This commentary has been featured at Rottentomatoes. Thanks Jen!]