Wolverine Trailer Attached To The Day The Earth Stood Still

ComingSoon has confirmed that the first (non Comic Con exclusive) movie trailer for Wolverine will be attached to The Day The Earth Stood Still on December 12th. And apparently Fox isn't going to put the trailer online until some later point, forcing comic book geeks to see their potentially bad sci-fi remake (I say potentially, because I have yet to be impressed with the footage released thus far, and the move of announcing the attachment of a Wolverine trailer smells of desperation).

And we all know that the trailer will be bootlegged and leaked onto YouTube. It always happens. And its a shame because hundreds of thousands, if not millions are subjected to these subpar quality bootleg trailers, and its all the studios fault. If I were Fox/Paramount/Insert Studio here, I would release new movie trailers online on Saturday morning. Give the theaters 24 hours of exclusivity, forcing hardcore fans to make the journey, yet preventing hordes of Internet readers from being exposed to an inferior trailer presentation. After all, this is an advertisement we're talking about. Wouldn't you want your potential audience to see it in it's best possible presentation?