Worst Idea Ever: Spoofing The Spoof Movie Genre

It was bound to happen eventually. We've had spoof movies about horror movies, teen movies, sports movies, disaster movies, epic movies, and now finally Hollywood is making a spoof of the spoof movie genre in David Murphy's Not Another Not Another Movie.When a studio head (Chevy Chase) quits his job at a successful Hollywood movie studio, he is replaced by his ex-con brother Michael Madsen and their "equally inept gangster friend" (Vinnie Jones). David Leo Schultz plays a production assistant who is assigned to direct a spoof of the spoof movie genre, and Burt Reynolds plays an actor who is cast as the director of the movie within the movie. Confused? That's only the beginning.The film features a hand full of cameos from c-list actors playing themselves spoofing their "memorable" film roles. The list includes the guy who played the villain in Kindergarten Cop and the young African-American Marine on trial in A Few Good Men. Former Howard Stern lackey turned Tonight Show announcer "Stuttering" John Melendez also has a supporting role. Is there anyone outside of the people involved in the production that honestly believe this movie is a good idea?

source: THR