Mark Wahlberg Says Max Payne > The Dark Knight

Another morning on Slashfilm, another Kid Icarus in Hollywood. Previously, Robert Downey Jr. used the web to hawk an Iron loogie at The Dark Knight and DC Comics, and now Mark Wahlberg—who enjoys lighting cigarettes in the rain—says he'd pummel The Caped Crusader. Put down the Pop Tarts and take a deep breath, fanboys.

"I'm not talking about financial box office, I'm talking about one-on-one with these [puts up fists]," Wahlberg squealed to MTV while flexing in front of a mirror.

We interrupt this quote to bring you a witty message from ODB. And we're back. Moreover, Wahlberg offered a direct and slightly 'mo challenge to Bruce Wayne...

"Take off the suit and if you want to go one-on-one, two-on-one, and put a couple of you guys together—they all like to put the comic book characters together—come at me."

Who is he calling "they"?! Of course, this braggadocio is in reference to October's Max Payne, the PG-13 adaptation of Rockstar Games' framed cop-shoot 'em up franchise.

"I guarantee you there's not a badder dude in a movie this year than Max Payne. This is like my characters from The Departed, Fear, Four Brothers, all mixed into one, times ten."

Wait a second, Fear? Mebbs he has a point.

Discuss: Should Christian Bale bother retorting in front of a mirror? Chris O'Donnell?

/Film reader, Jones Johnson, says, "Nobody's badder than Michael Jackson. ...I have doubts."

/Film reader, Reggie, nicely references Walhberg as "a white dwarf heading for a black hole."