First Look: Rotten Tomatoes iPhone App

Peter Boctor has created a free Rotten Tomatoes Application for the Apple iPhone called Tomatoes, which is now available on the Apple App Store. Tomatoes lets you quickly search for any movie using Rotten Tomatoes, without having to load the full webpage.

"Tomatoes is an iPhone and iPod Touch application that makes it easy and fast to search's vast movie database. You swipe through your search results and see key information about each found movie including the movie photo, when it was released, it's rating, who's in it, a consensus about the movie and the Rotten Tomatoes score. Whether you're at the movie theater, wandering through the video store or channel surfing, with Tomatoes on your iPhone or iPod Touch you are only moments away from finding out if a movie is the right one for you."

Check out the demo video below.

[flv: 220 320]

Now if only someone would make an iPhone app for the Internet Movie Database...