Reader Poll: School Of Rock 2

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Last night, the Slashfilm staff got together via Second Life to brain storm strategy for something really trivial. Screenwriter, comedian and all around decent guy, Mike White, was kind enough to alert the online press that he had completed the script to School of Rock 2. Our dilemma: What could Slashfilm offer Jack Black and Mike White in order for them NOT to make this totally unneeded sequel aka "Jack Black teaches a spiky-haired kid wearing snowboard goggles on his forehead how to 'play the skins, dude!' part 2"?

Money was out the window. The original film grossed $80 million domestically. And our staffers did not aspire a sacrifice to Black in the form of bad tattoos. Nobody here hates or despises School of Rock like we do, say, Disaster Movie. Richard Linklater's was a family film, a twee bro-down, that didn't totally suck even, and if you had a bad day at work, maybe you even cried watching it. But that was 2003.

Basically, Slashfilm doesn't want to write about another SoR or face down its inevitable barrage of "ready-to-rock tweens" happy day marketing. Please world, no more endearing kids learning about Floyd via a chalk board, playing air guitars, throwing up limp \m/s or seeing Jack Black imitate AC/DC. Rock Band and Guitar Hero are enough. Plus, the sequel already exists. It's called The Rocker and it "rocks out" on August 1st.

Our avatars shrugged and we went our separate ways. We decided to leave the sequel's fate in the hands of our readers. Do you guys/gals/tween + hard rock loathers want to see/read/hear about School of Rock 2 in the near future/ever? Send the talent/studio involved a quick smoke signal by voting in our poll. Thanks!