Spider-Man 4 In May 2011

Spider-Man producer Laura Ziskin told theater owners on Thursday that Spider-Man 4 is tentatively being scheduled for a May 2011 release. She also confirmed that screenwriter James Vanderbilt has yet to turn in a final screenplay, but she insisted that Sony Pictures is very hopeful that they will be on track for 2011.

Director Sam Raimi has yet to commit to the project, and told press earlier this month that he is "excited to read" the screenplay, and is "hoping it's as great as our discussions were about it and hoping it feels right". No stars are signed on to the project, however Sony has publicly insisted that they want to bring Tobey Maguire back for the fourth film. I still wonder if the script and money will be enough to bring the original team back to the fold. JK Simmons has said that the studio has recently checked in with his agents to say they want him back for a sequel, and he's ready to return if Raimi is still involved.

source: LATimes