Bangkok Dangerous Clip Shows Silly Amputation, Nic Cage

[flv: 470 344]

With this new NSFGrandma clip from the Bangkok Dangerous remake, Nic Cage has come down with a serious case of next levs. His amazing hat inexplicably disappears halfway through, cue amazing hairline. We can only hope that the entire movie is plagued with such conundrums/magic. Moreover, the Pang Twins (The Eye trilogy) have apparently remade their own film into a videogame that plays like an incorrigible 6-year-old tapping jump, shoot and kick with a hammer. But what earns the clip Pam-like giggles and replay action is the glorious arm chopping scene, followed by a requisite gunshot. Are we supposed to laugh or be shocked/impressed?

Cage stars as a hitman "who's in Bangkok to pull off a series of jobs falls for a local woman and bonds with his errand boy." Bond on. Unlike the original 1999 film, Cage's assassin is not a deaf-mute, thereby limiting this film's potential to make the world blush. It opens on September 5th. Click here to view the first trailer/poster from March (note: free of beheadings etc).

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