Zack And Miri Make An NC-17 Movie?

Does the MPAA have it in for Kevin Smith? It's beginning to sound like it. First they made the filmmaker remove an unapproved red band teaser trailer (which featured no footage from the actual film) from the web, and not it looks like Smith is having issues getting Zack and Miri Make a Porno by the ratings board.

"The MPAA is gunning for us, I think. It's a really filthy movie. I hear they are having some problems getting an R rating from an NC-17 rating, which is never good," Seth Rogen told MTV. "A guy f—ing a donkey, they ain't got no problem with. But a man and a woman having sex they seem to have real issues with, for some weird reason. It's insane. It's completely insane."

I knew when the title was first announced that Smith and company would probably have a few hurdles to jump when it came time to go up against the MPAA. I doubt The Weinstein Co is willing to release the film with an NC-17 rating, which means that Smith likely have to make cuts to get a theatrical R-rating. But don't worry, Smith always includes a ton of extra footage on his DVD releases. If anything is cut, you can expect to see it on the DVD. As for the MPAA, I highly recommend everyone rent or buy the documentary This Film Has Not Yet Been Rated. I understand the need for ratings but the whole MPAA process is beyond ridiculous.