Surfwise Movie Trailer


I dare you to watch the trailer for Surfwise and not find yourself intrigued. As of late, there have been quite a few surfing documentaries that are all mashed together in the head of pop culture, but this one, from director Doug Pray (memorable grunge doc Hype!) focuses on the intricacies of an eccentric familial bond. In true American daydream style, Doc Paskowitz ditched the medical profession in the 1950s to become a professional surfer and family man, eventually packing up his nine offspring into a 24-foot camper like road/life-schooled sardines, alongside his perma-preggo wife, and traveling from surf spot to surf spot for the duration of their childhoods.

[flv: 460 260]

The trailer ebbs with just enough hints at the family's psychological aftermath(s)-admirable, cool, a dash depressing-to see why the film has received wide acclaim from critics and festival-goers thus far.

Surfwise just opened in limited release at the IFC Center in Manhattan, so Netflix it in advance if you're elsewhere.

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