A Closer Look At The Dark Knight Trailer: Two-Face, The Scarecrow And More!

Since the new trailer for The Dark Knight went live earlier this morning, A lot of fans have been analyzing the footage frame by frame for hidden clues (however, no one has found Waldo yet). Most people picked up on the scene that I mentioned in the earlier trailer posting where Harvey Dent is behind held to the floor in a puddle of what appears to be a gasoline type substance (as seen below). Many people agree with my conclusion that this is most definitely how Dent becomes Two-Face. A much different set-up from the traditional Joker/Acid story-line from the comic book series.

Two Face Origin in the Dark Knight

/Film readers Glenn D and Mike M point out that Two Face is actually shown briefly on screen, but you can't see much of scarred side of his face.

Two Face with a gun

Another /Film Reader, Vignir, points out that someone who looks kind of like Scarecrow from Batman Begin can be seen briefly in the trailer, inside the car that Batman jumps on top of. Click on the image to enlarge! Is it the Scarecrow or just one of Joker's goons?

Scarecrow in The Dark Knight