X-Files: I Want To Believe - Two New Spoilerific Photos

20th Century Fox has released two new photos from the X-Files sequel, X-Files: I Want to Believe. These photos like the last batch contain huge plot spoilers (off screen, of course). The photo above of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully takes place in a vatican church after they just discovered that the Pope is actually an alien from another planet, who when shot turns into a werewolf. The photo below shows Mulder and Scully in the office looking towards the door because a four legged man eating fish is breaking through. Someone needs to tell director Chris Carter to stop releasing all these spoilers. I mean, who's going to want to see the movie if everything has been ruined for us in the marketing materials!

X-Files: I Want to Believe

 Discuss: With all the spoiler-filled images being released, are you still at all excited to see X-Files: I Want to Believe?