Guillermo Del Toro Doesn't Rule Out BioShock Movie

Just to give you an update, Guillermo del Toro is not yet officially attached to The Hobbit. Recently the director provided this update on his message board:

"There has been a lot of movement. And for the last few weeks there has been a lot of creative / cast / crew / visual talks and agreements and we have witnessed great progress in areas," said del Toro. "I have to be patient and wait until the papers are done and my attachment is real. Nevertheless- a LOT of progress in defining the films, their cast and crew. And, may I add, we are all happily in synch about all creative aspects so far and all willing and eager to move forth."


Guillermo also discussed the possibility of helming a video game adaptation. Since it's release in August, rumor has it that Hollywood is eyeing a big screen adaptation of BioShock, the popular first-person shooter from 2K Games. The visuals are certainly cinematic enough for a big budget film, and critics have praised the game for it's story, something not common in the video game field. But would del Toro be interested in making a Bioshock movie?

"I love BIOSHOCK from a design point of view," says del Toro. "But Unless its a HELLBOY sequel I am not that eager to engage in another action-oriented movie. Even if the other elements are right. BUT... if I found the right pitch on the material, who knows – the BIOSHOCK universe is indeed wonderful."

Guillermo was almost attached to the Halo film a couple years ago.

"I actually flew to [New Zealand] for HALO," revealed del Toro. "I had design meetings at WETA, we talked about concepts and parameters etc and came very close to doing it- very close – But it was not meant to be. [Hellboy II] was part of the reason I didnt do it – There's great movie to be made, read the novels... Check out the added Mythos in HALO3."

As you probably know, Neill Blomkamp was brought onto the film as director, and the project fell into development hell. I think many gamers would agree, del Toro would make the perfect director for a Bioshock movie. And while Guillermo clearly isn't interested in future action/adventure films outside of the Hellboy franchise, he seems to be open to hearing a pitch. So Hollywood, let's make this happen!

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