/Film Featured On G4's Attack Of The Show Uwe Boll Coverage

As you guys know, /Film has been on the Uwe Boll story since day one. Quasi-mainstream media have begun to pick up on the hilarious situation. G4TV featured a bunch of our coverage during their interview with Uwe Boll earlier today on Attack of the Show. Very cool, check out the clip below.

Boll claims that the petition, which has garnered over 172,000 signatures, is actually just a few people putting their name on the website 10 or 20 times each. While a few people might have done that, I'm sure the majority of people on the signature list are legitimate. I'm also sure that PetetionOnline captures the IP addresses of those who sign the petition, and it would be easy to find out exactly how many people have submitted their names. Basically it sounds like the beginning rumblings of a man who is going against his word. I don't think that Boll expected the petition to collect over 172,000 signatures in just four days.

Boll also complimented Eli Roth for having a good sense of humor in his response, and again slammed Michael Bay "for having no humor", but was willing to admit that he liked Bad Boys but hating Pearl Harbor.

If you haven't already. you can still sign the Stop Uwe Boll petition to support the cause.