Chloe Sevigny And Zooey Deschanel To Star In Divorce Ranch. World's Hipsters Melt.

One's a hot friggin' perfume and clothing line, the other is sold out next weekend (twice!) at Hiro Ballroom (I will sneak in), together they make hipsters sweat enough to fill up an Olympic-sized (non-Chinese) pool. That's right, Chloe Sevigny (Kids, Vincent Gallo's thing) and Zooey Deschanel (Weeds, nice dreams) are tag-teaming in a new indie called Divorce Ranch. It will be a period piece of sorts, set after the second world war (wassup with that third one btw? bring it on), with Sevigny playing an actress with a bebe and Deschanel playing a lowly assistant.

The delightfully-named Michael Lindsay-Hogg, who's helmed some flicks for the Rolling Stones and Paul Simon, has the pleasure of directing the film, which is set in Nevada. I know this news is late, but I was busy discovering and falling in love with Pyramid's Apricot Weizen beers. I highly recommend this beer. It's worth a drunk drive to the supermarket, even. As for Divorce Ranch, I can't wait. These two vixes together are like watching the two girlfriends who cheated on you the most, and most stylishly, chit-chat for two hours about cute boys and $200 slippers. No regrets.

Source Link: Variety/ Max Fish