San Francisco Sarah Marshall Backlash Is Hilarious

A couple weeks ago I wrote about Universal's genius viral marketing campaign for the upcoming Judd Apatow-produced comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which had taken over San Francisco. Signs on buses, bus shelters and billboards with cryptic messages that read "I hate You Sarah Marshall", "My Mom Always Hated You Sarah Marshall" and "You Don't Look Fat in Those Jeans Sarah Marshall", lead those who notice to the viral in movie site I

Love You Tree

It's actually a very cool campaign, maybe too good. There are so many of these advertisements around San Francisco that a backlash has begun. Last week flyers that look like the Sarah Marshall advertisements have started appearing on trees around the city reading "I'm So Over You Tree". Another person snapped the photo below of a tree-attached flyer which reads "You Do Look Fat in those jeans tree".

Tree Jeans

And then graffiti has begun to appear on trees reading "I Love You!" (as seen in the photo below). Although, I'm not entirely sure this is related, but it's hilarious none the less.

Love You Graffiti

Discuss: Is the Sarah Marshall viral campaign really that annoying? If an advertising campaign can spark this kind of response, than it must be working at least in respect to film awareness.

via: sfist