Djimon Hounsou To Star In Mysterious Comic Book Trilogy

It's mighty windy outside and the news is a tad slow today, so let's cherish a moment to contemplate what mystery "comic book trilogy" actor Djimon Hounsou recently said he's set to star in. IESB, which broke the story after Hounsou cryptically announced the news at a press conference for Never Back Down, speculates that he's either referring to Marvel superhero Black Panther or Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson's planned Tintin trilogy. Hounsou reportedly called this his "dream project."180px-black_panther_fantastic_four_ep_20.jpg

Regarding Black Panther, last May the character was mentioned as a possible plot point in the second sequel to Fantastic Four by director Tim Story. The guy went as far as namedropping Hounsou for the role. Would you be interested in seeing three films starring this character, and do you think it sounds like a wise investment? Besides being black, Black Panther shares similar unproven stature on the comic canon totem with Blade, so it's possible. Then again, the similarity in costume between BP and Batman is uncanny, see pic to the right. Would a film(s) call for a total redesign or what? At several points over the last decade, Wesley Snipes and director John Singleton have attached themselves to the project, and Marvel Studios has had a film on deck since 2005.

As for Tintin, it's an ambitious set of films and sure to be lucrative. Spielberg gave Hounsou his big break with 1997's Amistad, so there's def a connection. But referring to it as a "comic book dream project" carries the same iffiness as "trilogy" to Black Panther. More on this as it develops.

Update: Might Djimon Hounsou be referring to a Conan property? Apparently so, judging from an audio clip from the conference over at CHUD. Now we have even more questions than answers, sweet.Discuss: Any other ideas?