Avatar Artwork Revealed

Removed at the Request of20th Century Fox

Our friends at the Italian movie website BadTaste have gotten their hands on a scan of the first official artwork from James Cameron's upcoming sci-fi 3D epic Avatar. The artwork supposedly came direct from a 2009 Fox line-up. The official plot synopsis, translated from Italian, follows:

"The story of an injured ex-marine who finds himself involved (against his will) into men colonizing an alien planet. Finally, he chooses to change his battle array, leading the alien race in a battle for life."

James Cameron's Avatar hits theaters on December 18th 2009.

Discuss: With a budget estimated at around $200 million (before P&A), Fox is betting on a Titanic sized hit. But can this 3D sci-fi action film become one of the top 10 biggest grossing films of all time?