New Images Of The Incredible Hulk

These photos of a promo statue for The Incredible Hulk popped up over at Cinematical and were apparently snapped at a toy fair. In what's probably a clear indicator of the Hulk's size in this June's reboot starring Edward Norton, note the lady and decked-out Humvee to the statue's right (as well as a new poster of sorts). I've attached a still from Ang Lee's The Hulk after the jump for further comparisons. It would seem that TIH's Hulk has a more youthful, chiseled appearance, with a toned down shade of green skin. To me, Eric Bana's Hulk always looked grumpy, like he wanted to get home, plop down on the couch and drink a cold one, so I'm liking this one's aggro-ness a bit more. Of course, he has to move first.