Love Guru Movie Poster

The first poster for Mike Myers's The Love Guru has arrived to tickle your funny bone like a jumbo-sized mustache. Except, if you're like me, you already find yourself thinking about this June release, the schtick involved and the oncoming marketing blitz and your mind turns into an incurable rash. Myers stars as Pitka, an American left in India as a tyke, thus explaining his Rasputin-like appearance, a knee-slappin' accent, and his horny nature. Jessica Alba, Justin Timberlake, Verne Troyer aka Mini Me, Ben Kingsley (Ghandi 2, much?) and hockey co-star! Can we just cast Mini Me in a remake of The Impossible Kid and get it over with? View the full-on kooky-horoscope of a poster and its tagline after the jump...

via IMPA