Fox Options Just Do It, Millions Of Guys Simultaneously Go "Doh!"

Guy convinces wife to have sex with him for 101 straight days. Guy says it was his wife's idea (mkay). Guy writes book about the experience(s). Guy's book is optioned by Hollywood before it's released. Twentieth Century Fox now owns the movie rights to Just Do It: How One Couple Screwed Their Life and Love Back Together, a memoir by Denver Post writer Doug Brown. Might this mainstream flick set some kind of record for on screen sex scenes? Wide Sargasso Sea, Sliver and Watership Down, bow down.

Brown and his wife are middle-age, they have two kids, and a mini-van. Suddenly I'm thinking about Steve Wiebe and his adorably normal wife in The King of Kong. But you know, it's a Hollywood film. Here are some of the hot spots and techniques according to Brown, read at mind's risk...

"We did it on top of a mountain. During the porn industry's annual flesh circus in Las Vegas. In a yoga ashram, and in a remote yurt. In an ostentatious hotel, a cheap motel, and a Very Victorian bed-and-breakfast in Wyoming in the dead of winter. In our basement…

For the first time in our relationship, we surveyed porno. Annie tested sex toys. I tried variations of one accessory several times, a simple device with a brutal name, a word so unsettling to me that I found it difficult to pronounce in anything more resounding than a whisper: cockring."

The studio is currently looking for a writer to adapt it into a romantic comedy. Gee, to me this screamed signature De Palma thriller with multiple fake wigs.

Source Link: Variety /Vulture