SXSW Movie Trailers: One Minute To Nine, Up With Me, My Effortless Brilliance

Three new movie trailers for three more films which are set to premiere at this year's South By Southwest Film Festival have hit the interwebs: My Effortless Brilliance, a low-budget mumblecore Duplass Brothers-esque drama about two friends, One Minute to Nine, a haunting documentary about one family's history of domestic abuse, and Up With Me, a story about a teenager from Harlem who is admitted to an upstate boarding school. Check them out below.

I'm not too impressed with this batch, but I'm positive this is not an indicative of what the rest of the festival will offer. You can also check out the last batch of SXSW trailers (Reformat the Planet, Second Skin and New Orleans Mon Amour) at this link.

My Effortless Brilliance

Director: Lynn Shelton. Writers: Lynn Shelton, Sean Nelson, Basil Harris. Starring: Sean Nelson, Basil Harris, Calvin Reeder, Jeanette Maus.

Successful and self-involved novelist Eric Lambert Jones has been unceremoniously dumped by his life long buddy, Dylan. In an attempt to piece together the fractured friendship, Eric takes a side trip from his latest book tour to drop in on Dylan, newly settled in the picturesque backwoods of Washington state. (World Premiere)

[flv: 320 238]

One Minute to Nine

Director: Tommy Davis.

A haunting and touching documentary look at one family, thrown into the disturbing reality that follows a history of domestic abuse, as one member prepares to serve a jail sentence. (North American Premiere)

[flv: 320 238]

Up With Me

Director: Greg Takoudes. Writers: Maeve McQuillan, Greg Takoudes. Starring: Francisco Vicioso, Erika Rivera, Brandon Thorpe, Justin Coltrain.

When Francisco, a teenager from Harlem, is admitted to an upstate boarding school on scholarship, he is torn between his life at home (his loyal girlfriend and his jealous best friend) and the new environment. (World Premiere)

[flv: 320 238]

via: Matt Dentler