Emily Blunt To Star In Mark Romanek's The Wolf Man

In a film that already has one of the classiest casts for a horror flick in sometime, Emily Blunt has confirmed to Cinema Blend that she's starring in The Wolf Man for director Mark Romanek (One Hour Photo). Set for release in February 2009, Blunt will presumably play the love interest to a lupine-trait-stricken Benicio Del Toro, with Anthony Hopkins set to play father to the man-wolf. Set in Victorian England, the loose remake of the 1941 Lon Chaney Jr. horror classic will not face a delay due to the strike and starts shooting next month in London.

This is impeccable casting, as there are a number of lesser, more mainstream actresses (see one in preceding Razzies post) who could have spoiled the film with stereotypical coyness and "Oh, my skirt" tone killers. Blunt automatically brings a fresh sophistication and calm intensity as well as her perfectly icy features to the dark and sanguinary tale.

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