Sundace Tidbits: U2 Concert And Cha Cha

The big rumor going around Sundance is that U2 is holding a private concert (possibly tonight after the premiere of U2 3D at the Eccles). It's the hottest ticket/invite of the festival, only problem is, it doesn't exist – or so say the publicists behind the film. I have heard that U2 is having a small private party (possibly at Ciseros) and while no musical set is planned, Bono and crew might very well play a few songs, but that isn't on the official plans.

The human powered search engine (not Mahalo) Cha Cha is one of the big sponsors at Sundance this year. They have Cha Cha crew members stationed outside most of the venues conducting exit polls. Cha Cha is actually a great search engine, and their new TXT program has a lot of potential. For example, last night I was out with Alex from FirstShowing and Neil From FilmSchoolRejects trying to find food at 11:15pm. I texted 242 242 asking for a cheap place to eat in park city open after 11pm and quickly got an answer back.

One thing me and my colleagues/friends have been miffed at has been the responses we've gotten from txting Cha Cha regarding film response. So far every movie we have enquired about has an A+ rating from the exit polls. However, I was leaving The Yellow Handkerchief the other day and talked to the people at Cha Cha doing the exit poll. I told them how much I disliked the film, and I asked what the response had been thus far. And the person working responded that it had been mostly negative. However, Cha Cha claims the film got an A+ from the exit polls. I wonder what is up with this.