Lost Boys 2: Theatrical Dreams Live On

"Take that you *&%$ DVD!"

A week ago, we ripped an official decision by Warner Bros. to release Lost Boys 2: The Tribe straight to DVD, and asked for fans of the seminal '80s horror flick back us up like Nanook. According to Corey Feldman via his ever-relevant blog, the film could still go theatrical and a final decision will be made in February. This is one case where fan feedback can play a huge part, so again, go crazy with the Cheez Whiz. Here's Feldman…

…..1 more thing there is a nasty rumor circulating that a decision to release LB2 straight to DVD has been made…..THAT IS CATEGORICALLY UNTRUE!!! NO decision has been made as of yet they will be voting on it next month so if you are a LB2 supporter and want to see it on the big screen now is the time to rise up and let the studio know by sending them your thoughts and concerns. There has been a lot of buzz about this and I just don't want any defeatist or negative attitudes to hamper the positive energy. It is still alive…..

And in true Frog Brothers fashion, Feldman got a new Lost Boys war story on the last day of filming. Call us half-full, but this makes us want to see it more…

I also wanted to say thanx to all of those who wrote in, concerned about my casted arm. No I didn't brake it in a bar room brawl…….(joking). I actually tore two ligaments while working on LB2. It was during a fight scene on the last night and we were working on giant rocks outside, and it started raining and during a chase I slipped and bent it backwards. It is a weird injury, actually worse than a break because I have been to physical therapy and had it casted and braced and nothing seems to work. At least I got a black one so you don't notice it as much. It has been three months and it still hurts. But that's all right anything for the love of art….or at least keeping myself employed(joking again)…..(kinda).

We'll put up with all of the "thanx" in the world for this type of from-the-set minutiae. But wait! For every growing Stimpy shadow there is a shivering, shrinking Ren: cue Corey Haim. It was confirmed yesterday that A&E has picked up a second 10-episode season of The Two Coreys. So, Haim has a job, hope for Lost Boys 2 lives on, and this lemonade is mighty tasty, dare we say that life is good?