Video Footage Of Cloverfield Monster Destroying Chaui Station; Rob Hired By Slusho

The Cloverfield viral game has finally begun to catch up with the film, which releases in less than two weeks. First up, Our friends at Uruloki informed us that Tagruato, the Japanese drilling company that owns Slusho, has just suffered a huge setback. The company has issued the following statement:

"There has been an altercation at the Chaui Station. Although details are limited at present time, be assured that Tagruato is taking every measure necessary to ensure the safety and well being of all staff and crew. Specialty teams have been deployed, and are working aggressively to restore harmony at the site. The cause of the problem is currently being investigated, although it is suspected that an eco-terror cell is responsible for the disturbance. top investigators We have on our side . Everything will be resolved shortly, and all problems will be fixed. If you have any questions, please contact us at +81-3-5403-6318 for further instructions."

Watch these fictional Italian, Spanish and German news clips to see AWESOME firsthand footage of the Chaui Station meltdown, and the first (off screen) appearances of the Cloverfield Monster.

Update: Dennis has received translations:Spanish


This is an amazing story. Three short and highly dramatic scenes have just been disclosed, which seem to be showing the total loss of a rig in the middle of the ocean. The rig seems to be Chouai Station, which lies in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and sank a few days ago, even though there's been no official confirmation of the incident.

This is the video, shot from a helicopter which is either approaching or leaving the rig:


This rig harbours over 300 workers and scientists. The video seems to show it breaking apart and sinking in a matter of minutes, even though this kind of modern

rigs are designed to keep afloat under the worse circumstances up to 24 hours.

It's something absolutely extraordinary. Experts are studying this footage and trying to determine the causes of this tragedy. Some sources even suggest the

rig may have suffered some kind of attack.

Tagruato, the Japanese company that runs the rig was forced to appear publicly and make a hasty statement when the footage was disclosed.

Their spokesperson said it has been confirmed that the Tidowave eco group was in the area when the incident took place and he maintains that the group has

infiltrated Tagruato operations in the past causing damage. This footage, shot with a mobile phone on the rig seem to confirm this possibility:


Whatever the cause, the violence of this event was registered by the Seismological Institute in Ribadeo (real town on the north-western coast of Spain). The scientists at the institute doubt this kind of effect can be the result of a human-made explosion.

The incredible speed, the scale of the event, and the sheer drama of this incident are clearly shown by this last piece of footage, apparently shot by some crew members of the rig while trying to escape.


These are truly shocking images. We have no news about the fate of these people and the person who was behind the camera. We can only hope they could somehow survive. It seems…


And also, the banner on the bottom of the screen reads "A loss of jobs because of the construction's (loss) is foreseen".


About 1300 km from the coast of New York 3 days ago a drilling did sink for unknown reasons. recently we got dramatic pictures from the colapse of the platform by international news agencys. (man screams stuff i can't understand) The videos show the sinking of Inexplicable reasons which is also for experts hard to understand. at the moment of the disaster 355 workers were on board. the chuai platform was opened in september 2007 and is one of the biggest drillings in the world. it is operated by the big japanese company tagruato wich has it's central in tokyo. the high advanced drilling system was planned by the company zwichau engeneering in leipzig (leipzig is an east-german town) under the leadership of the graduated engineer dominik möltken. we asked him if the colapse could be caused by a construction mistake. dominik möltken:"from structural reasons there are no evidences that a failure of the basic structure or of one of the security systems could cause such a catastrophe. this is just impossible. this is physically not possible."

although the videos are of very poor quality it seems as you can notice a gun fire from the platform. in the past tagruato was already accused to have a big private army and experts investigate at the moment if the escape-behaviour of the crew is caused by a para-military attack.

actuall news report that people where killed, but tagruatos spokesman denies that. Yet it is unclear if germans were on board.

/Film: Next up, Rob has been hired to work for Slusho! The following comes from Rob's myspace blog, via CloverfieldClues:You can't drink just six...

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So I got a job offer, and it's everything I wanted. More money, more power, more creative freedom. I'd even have up to five people working under me, and you know how much I've always wanted underlings. One catch — I need to move to freakin' JAPAN! The job is the V.P. of Marketing and Promotions for SLUSHO! brand "happy drink." Apparently it's all the rage in Asia. I'd be part of a team tasked with replicating the drink's popularity in the Western world. Here's a link to their most recent TV spot: Bizarre, I know. I'm sure

Hud would love it. They want us to come up with a more accessible angle to hook an American audience.

When I said I'd be willing to leave NYC for the new gig, I was thinking maybe Chicago or Toronto, maybe L.A. Japan is a whole other extreme. I'm not a particularly worldly fellow, and I'd definitely be in store for some major culture shock. But you know what? Maybe this is exactly the jolt my lame little life needs. A fresh start, and all the clichés that go with it. I'm cautiously psyched. I told them I needed the weekend to think it over, but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna take it. I mean, I can't think of a good enough reason not to.

/Film: A comment explains how Hawk, one of the characters seen in the trailer advertising wearing a Slusho! t-shirt, actually got the t-shirt:

Hawk – My Japanese friend Kuroki paid me off in Slusho once to settle a bet. That shit is delicious. I've been craving more ever since I tried it. Your job will be a piece of cake, Slusho sells itself. Please tell me you get a free lifetime supply or something.

Rob Hawkins – They gave me some t-shirts at the interview, you want one?

HUD – Dude I just googled Slusho, did you know they are a subsidiary of some evil oil company called Tagruato? We both know how much you hate oil (you always say "no oil" when you order a hoagie), so you better turn down the job and stay here and live with me forever and ever.

LenaDia – Gay.

Lil – Rob that's crazy! How soon would you have to leave?

Rob – A few weeks, around the middle of the month they said.

Beth – Japan!? Oh my god, Rob! Come over this weekend so we can talk about it?

/Film: I agree with Dennis, someone should tell Rob to change his flight to the 17th of January. :)