Wednesday Box Office: Treasure Adds $11.47M; AVP=R Down 55%; There Will Be Blood Debuts w/$33K PTA!

With National Treasure: Book of Secrets (Disney) continuing strong with another $11.47M on the day after Christmas, the focus is on 3 Christmas Day openers that plummeted precipitously on Wednesday.

The massive drop of 55% for Fox's schlocky Alien Versus Predator: Requiem makes sense. The movie wasn't screened for critics and fanboy zeal can only get you so far. The sequel to the 2004 original, fell from about $9.5M on Christmas Day to $4.28M on Wednesday.

Harder to explain is the fact that The Bucket List (Warner Bros) dropped a staggering 63% from Christmas Day. The Rob Reiner-directed oldster comedy delivered a $10,000+ PTA on Tuesday for a $162,000 haul at its 16 locations. Today, it fell to $59,881 for a PTA of $3,743. Can it be that older boomers all dragged their families to see Bucket List on opening day, and interest in the film is limited to the older set? I suspect that's the reason for the Wednesday plummet in ticket sales. Then there's Oprah Winfrey's The Great Debaters (Weinstein/MGM), which fell 42% from its $3.6M opening day. The fact that Oprah produced the movie and has her name on it has undoubtedly frontloaded the business. We'll see if the Denzel Washington-directed Debaters has legs Thursday â€" Sunday.

Since Christmas 2002, Bucket List and AVP: Requiem and have suffered the 2 biggest day after Christmas drops on record and Oprah's Debaters isn't far behind, which can't bode well moving forward for these titles.


1. 2007 â€" The Bucket List â€" 16 locations â€" down 63% (Estimate)

2. 2007 â€" Alien Versus Predator: Requiem â€" 2,563 locations â€" down 55% (Estimate)

3. 2006 â€" Black Christmas â€" 1,278 locations – down 47%

4. 2007 – The Great Debaters – 1,164 locations â€" down 42% (Estimate)

4. 2006 â€" Curse of the Golden Flower â€" 60 locations – down 42%

6. 2005 â€" The Producers â€" down 37%

7. 2005 â€" King Kong â€" 3,576 locations – down 34%

8. 2006 – Dreamgirls â€" 852 locations – down 33%

9. 2006 â€" The Painted Veil â€" 4 locations â€" down 32%

20. 2006 â€" Letters From Iwo Jima â€"5 locations â€" down 31%

11. 2005 â€" Wolf Creek â€" 1,749 locations â€" down 25%

12. 2006 â€" Apocalypto â€" 2,144 locations â€" down 23%

13. 2006 â€" The Nativity Story â€" 1,824 locations â€" down 22%

14. 2004 â€" Beyond the Sea â€" 6 locations â€" down 22%

15. 2006 â€" The Good German â€" 19 locations â€" down 21%

After Nic Cage's Treasure, Will Smith and I Am Legend (Warner Bros) held off Fox's Alvin $8.8M – $8M. Charlie Wilson's War (Universal) grabbed another $3.6M on Wednesday, and the Tom Hanks/Julia Roberts political comedy has now filibustered a respectable $19.5M in its first 6 days of release.

.S. I Love You (Warner Bros) benefited from the day after Christmas, which is often kind to "chick flicks." The Hilary Swank Gerard Butler tearjerker was #6 on Wednesday with an estimated $3.33M for a new cume of $13.38M. Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd Dreamworks/Paramount) fell 18% for just shy of $2.6M, and it has now sliced its way to $16.23M since Friday.

t's no surprise that Paul Thomas Anderson's Golden Globe nominated There Will Be Blood has opened huge at its 2 locations. The film, which has made Daniel Day Lewis the betting favorite for the Best Actor Oscar, generated a massive $33,296 PTA for a total take of $66,592. This can only help awards prospects for Best Picture and PT Anderson along with Daniel Day Lewis.


1. NEW – National Treasure: Book of Secrets (Disney) – $11.47M, $2,994 PTA [$76.91M cume]

2. I Am Legend (Warner Bros.) – $8.8M, $2,432 PTA [$159.75M cume]

3. Alvin and the Chipmunks (Fox) – $8.03M, $2,295 PTA [$102.5M cume]

4. NEW – Alien vs. Predator: Requiem – $4.28M, $1,671 PTA [$13.79M cume]

5. NEW Charlie Wilson's War (Universal) – $3.6M, $1,399 PTA [$19.55M cume]

6. NEW P.S. I Love You (Warner Bros.) – $3.33M, $1,359 PTA [$13.38M cume]

7. Juno (Fox Searchlight) – $2.79M, $2,800 PTA [$12.59M cume]

8. NEW Sweeney Todd (Dreamworks/Paramount) – $2.59M, $2,079 PTA [$16.23M cume]

9. NEW – The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep (Sony) – $2.4M, $869 PTA [$4.79M cume]

10. NEW – The Great Debaters (Weinstein/MGM) – $2.09M, $1,796 PTA [$5.69M cume]

11. The Golden Compass (New Line) – $2.04M, $904 PTA [$53.4M cume]

12. Enchanted (Disney) – $1.61M, $725 PTA [$102M cume]

13. NEW Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (Sony) – $1.19M, $450 PTA [$7.44M cume]

14. Atonement (Focus) – $660,000, $2,157 PTA [$7.37M  cume]

15. No Country for Old Men (Miramax) – $530,000, $552 PTA [$38.3M cume]

16. The Kite Runner (Paramount Vantage) – $430,000, $1,141 PTA [$3M cume]

*The Savages (Fox Searchlight) – $83,000, $1,169 PTA [$1M cume]

*NEW – There Will Be Blood (Paramount Vantage) – $66,592, $33,296 PTA [$66,592 cume]

*NEW – The Bucket List (Warner Bros) – $59,881, $3,743 PTA [$222,000 cume]

*The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (Miramax) – $50,400, $1,200 PTA [$556,000 cume]

*NEW – Persepolis (Sony Classics) -$17,817, $2,545 [$55,000 cume]

* NEW Steep (Sony Classics) – $4,628, $272 PTA [$39,834 cume]

*NEW Blonde Ambition (First Look) – $334, $42 PTA [$2,111 cume]

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