100 New IMAX Screens

IMAX has inked a deal with AMC theaters to install 100 digital IMAX screens over the next three years. The screens will be installed in the company's top-performing theaters in 33 top U.S. markets. For example, Variety says that 12 new IMAX will install screens in 12 locations in the Los Angeles area alone. The first 50 screens will be installed next year, 25 more in 2009, and 29 more in 2010. Right now there are currently 300 IMAX screens operating in 40 countries.  Half of those theaters are educational venues (museums, aquariums, etc...) where Hollywood films are not screened.

It seems like every new Hollywood release sets a new IMAX record. I know it's near impossible to walk up and buy a ticket the hour before a screening in San Francisco on Opening Weekend. People seem to really love the IMAX experience, even at a premium price. I will say this, I saw Beowulf in both IMAX and Real D 3-D, and the IMAX presentation was 10 times better. The images appear to come closer to you as a result of the large format screen, which limits peripheral vision.

IMAX Trivia: 

  • The biggest 3D IMAX screen is in Prasads IMAX located in Hyderabad, India.
  • The biggest "IMAX Dome" is in the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey.
  • The resolution of the IMAX frame is comparable to about 10000 x 7000 pixels.
  • A standard IMAX screen is 22 m wide and 16.1 m high (72.6 ft x 52.8 ft), but can be larger.
  • photo credit: Flickr