Marcus Nispel To Direct Friday The 13th Remake

Michael Bay can't leave the old classic horror movies alone. First he remade Texas Chainsaw Massacre with a music video director at helm, then the not so good Amityville Horror remake, like most people, I'm still trying to forget the Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel, and The Hitcher was forgettable at best. I'm not a purist. I believe that old classic movies should be remade for modern audiences. But if you're going to do it, you need to do it right. And more times than most, it isn't.

Today Shock is reporting that Bay has hired Marcus Nispel to direct a revamp of Friday The 13th. Nispel directed the aforementioned Texas Chainsaw remake (which is the only film on the above list that I actually enjoyed. However, Nispel was also the one behind that god awful Pathfinder film. Maybe he just lacked a good producer?

The screenplay was written by Freddy vs. Jason scribes Damian Shannon and Mark Swift. The studio apparently went through another attempt before finalizing this latest draft.

But is Friday the 13th worth remaking? While the 1980 film is probably the most successful slasher of all time, it lacks the iconic character of Jason. If you remember, the first Friday the 13th film actually followed Jason's mother Mrs. Voorhees as the killer. I'm sure it makes more sense to do a total revamp with the hockey masked killer as the antagonist.