Transformers 2 Proceeds Into Pre-Production

Variety reports that Transformers 2 is far enough along to proceed with pre-production, location scouting and advance special effects work. This must mean that the studio at least has a thorough treatment in the can, if not a first draft. Michael Bay hopes to start shooting in June 2008, but if the strike lasts several months, the production will likely have to delay principal photography.

Meanwhile, Michael Bay is warning Transformers fanboys to not believe what they may read on the internet forums. Bay claims that DreamWorks is prepared to leak misinformation onto the internet to prevent or obscure potential real leaks.

"One thing I do know is I know how to screw them up more," Bay told Rotten Tomatoes. "We're going to leak a lot of false information all over the place. I now know their game. They're going to get a lot of script treatments that they think are going to be the script. They will never see the script. We've got scripts and treatments written up that we're going to leak. No one's going to know. There's one out that's fake right now. There are going to be many others."

Bay is talking about a 13-page treatment dated October 2nd, which was leaked online last month. Two unrepresented writers claimed responsibility for that document.