The Dark Knight Pumpkin Begins To Rot

whysoserious.comEarlier this month The Dark Knight viral website was updated with a jack-o-lantern. The pumpkin had a huge bat symbol grin, an image reminiscent of the popular Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale graphic novel The Long Halloween. We wondered if there be a Dark Knight treat in store for us on Halloween. A couple days later our friends at Screenrant noticed that the candle in the pumpkin was burning down (photo right).

And now, one week later, as the candle begins to disappear, one of our readers (Gusmer) noticed that the Jack-o-lantern was beginning to break and rot (as seen above). But it appears to only be happening on one side of the pumpkins face (Shades of Two-Face possibly). We're pretty sure we're in for a treat on October 31st.