Kevin Smith Reveals Zack And Miri Shooting Details

Kevin Smith has recently revealed a few minor new details about his upcoming comedy Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Interestingly enough, Smith will be returning to the place where he filmed Dogma almost exactly ten years ago. As it turns out, they will be shooting the movie over 40-days in Pittsburgh instead of the planned/scripted Minnesota locale. Why?

"Cheaper to shoot in Boston, Connecticut and Pittsburgh right now. We opted for Pittsburgh."

Smith also revealed that the forty some-odd day shoot will be done both in studio and on location. Smith has also decided to shoot the movie on 35mm instead of digital. I'm assuming that if Smith's Red State happens, it will probably be shot on the latter (but that's just an assumption).

And casting? Smith says the names will probably become public knowledge in the next couple weeks. Kevin has recently confirmed that Jason Mewes is in the movie, and for the first time in View Askew history, he will not be playing "Jay" of infamous duo "Jay and Silent Bob".