Anywhere Is Possible.

Yesterday I received a postcard in the mail addressed to "/Film". It had no mailing address on the front, and the back is black (seen above) and reads "be at the scene of every story." Little type on the bottom of the card reads "find out how 10/10/07."

If you go to, you are greeted with a black screen (seen below) with the same white type, which reads "LA to London in less than 3 seconds. anywhere is possible. find out how 10/10/07". And there is a days/hours/minutes/seconds countdown which is counting down until Tuesday night at midnight eastern time.

What is this for you might wonder?

Buried in the web page's html is a hit tracker for 20th Century Fox.

Get it yet?

The Answer: Doug Liman's Jumper starring Hayden Christensen and Samuel L Jackson.

I'm guessing there might be an interesting web campaign for the film. And who knows, may be we'll see the first trailer on Wednesday?

Want to know more about the film? Click here.