Memo Reveals Hollywood's Pre-Strike Plans

The big strike of doom (WGA and SAG) is approaching, and the Hollywood studios are hoping to push as many projects into production before then. ComingSoon has gotten their hands on a memo which is circulating around the major talent agencies. The memo lists all the movies that the studios are hoping to push into the production before next March, and there are some interesting unannounced projects on the list. Sure, some of these directors have not yet signed on to their next project, so many of the projects on the list should be marked at tentative. Here are some highlights:

  • Justin Lin will return for The Fast and the Furious 4.
  • Director Brad Silberling is attached to a big screen version of Land of the Lost.
  • Drew Barrymore will direct her first feature, Whip It.
  • Eli Roth's adaptation of Stephen King's Cell appears on the list despite Roth publicly stating that the movie won't happen for at least another year.
  • Jean-Pierre Jeunet's adaptation of Yann Martel's Life of Pi also appears on the list
  • Guy Ritchie to direct a Warner Bros. remake of The Dirty Dozen!?
  • Robert Redford to direct Against All Enemies.
  • George Miller is listed in parentheses for Justice League of America Movie, so his involvement on the project still seems tentative.
  • Confirmation that Steve Pink (Accepted) will direct Fletch Won for the Weinstein Company.
  • Directors Justin Chadwick and Wayne Kramer are listed as possibles to direct the Seventh Samurai from the Weinstein Company. I'm assuming that this is the remake of Akira Kurosawa's classic Seven Samurai.
  • John Whitesell is attached to a remake of the Bill Murray camp comedy Meatballs for Lionsgate.
  • Matthew Vaughn's Thor is listed.
  • Wolgang Petersen will direct Alien Uprising.
  • David Dobkin will direct Monster Hunter.
  • Disney is fast tracking Jungle Cruise and Prince of Persia into production without attached directors.
  • Fox is fast tracking an A-Team movie
  • Sam Raimi is tentatively attached to Rabbit Hole for Fox Searchlight?
  • Check out the whole list at ComingSoon.