Uwe Boll To Make Legend: Hand Of God

I think most of the video game companies have come to the realization that selling film adaptation rights to Uwe Boll is a bad idea. Boll, who snapped up the rights for quite a few video game properties years back, has become one of the most hated people (probably only next to Jack Thompson) amongst the video game community. Well apparently some video game companies have yet to learn. Arrow in the Head reports that Boll has acquired rights to an unreleased action roleplaying game, Legend: Hand of God.

"I think Legend will be very successful because of its unique blend of high fantasy and dark atmosphere. The world of Legend contains major crossover potential and was already adapted as novel and audio book" says Boll from the set of Far Cry, which he currently works on in Vancouver with Til Schweiger, Ralf Möller and Udo Kier.

I met with Boll a couple months back for an interview which will run with the release of Postal. I went into the interview looking to play hardball and ask all the questions the online community wanted to know. But I came away from the whole experience feeling bad for the man. He doesn't seem to understand that his films are bad. He thinks that Hollywood has brainwashed America and that's why people don't like his films. Yeah.... that's why.

Somehow, someway, Boll keeps getting the funding for these releases which usually tank at the box office, and do minimal business on DVD. It seems to me that the man has lost tens of millions for his investors thus far.

Boll expects to shoot Legend with a $40 million budget in 2009. The game will be released in the United States early next year.