Apple To Offer iTunes Movie Rentals?

Apple is working on adding 30-day movie rentals to the iTunes movie store, according to CNN sources. It is believed the plan will allow customers to rent a movie for 30-days for $2.99. Apple would also allow transfer of he movies to iPod video enable devices.

This is a step in the right direction as clearly the future is on demand and digital based. The cost of a movie purchase on iTunes is about the same price as a DVD purchase, but you don't get any physical good (and don't get me started on the video quality difference and lack of special features). Even a digital rental would probably be featureless.

I would like to see Apple and the movie industry adopt a subscription model (think Rhapsody but with movies, or basically like HBO on demand but online). Subscription based model is clearly the future.

Would you guys subscribe to an unlimited digital movie rental service for like $20 a month? I would.