The Hot Rod Ultimatum

The following editorial is written by Zack Lawrence.

Hot Rod

Ok, we all knew Hot Rod was going to crash at the box office worse then a spectacular wreck on Rod's moped. But I am here to vehemently defend its greatness as one of the funniest movies of the year. Not Oscar worthy, I assure you, but in its own way, funnier than the norm. Because that's exactly why, its sketch comedy as a flick! Deliciously absurd and unconventional so much so that it has no intentions of making sense.Someone asked me, "Will I like it?" and I said "No." and that reason alone is because if your expecting a regular Waterboy-esque slam bang funny stunt movie, don't go. If you like Kung Pow, Monty Python, The State, or Andy Samberg's digital shorts, this is your movie. If not? Run far, far away. Repeating the same words, constant falling, or dumbness for the sake of being dumb, all these things that most people see as an easy laugh are right. But they have finely crafted all these things into a brainless, ridiculous, and straight up fucking stupid, piece of art. It now will fit perfectly into that genre of movies that are all basically sketch comedies, stretched into something more, which takes talent. Most SNL movies are god awful spin offs with a few laughs, to say the least, flicks like A Night At the Roxbury, Superstar, Stuart, It's Pat, sucked it, hard. I pay homage though to the greats, Wayne's World was immaculate.Hot Rod is a clean franchise that was an original piece with almost all players being tagged to SNL somehow, which I believe they should follow suit with and do more often, originality! Do you want big? See Rush Hour 3 for generic. Do you want masterfully dim witted, done to a polished piece of funny shit? See Hot Rod. But hurry, it'll be out of the theatres by next week. Cool Beans.